Its the beginning of a new day, a new dawn and a new month, yet I awake not refreshed but with a heavy burden in my heart. The fact that its my dad’s birth month only confirms the emptiness in my heart.

I wash up, I teeth up and then I brace up, with my bags, I take my Virgil outside the confines of my house. The clock ticks and I wonder where he is, I put a call through “I’m coming”, he says; while waiting I take a squat and stare up into the sky and notice for a fleeting moment that a star moves.

For a second I wonder if its a shooting star, then a smile creeps up on my face, the Lagos sky has yet to see a shooting star. I was almost going to make a wish! Can you imagine an actual wish, now I am beginning to sound desperate.

He arrives and with a tote, the tote talks and makes a remark on my buxom frame and I reply back with the only weapon I know: acceptance and a failing heart.


the morning conversations

the morning conversations

credendo vides


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