A Bedazzled Morning

I woke up this morning and went in for my bath. at 4.26am i heard my phone ring and at that sound i felt the excitement brew in the pit of my belly and a smile crawled its way across my features and i said to myself “at last my lover has finally come round to loving me back enough to put a call through to me”, for this was a feat that he normally would no longer do.

I leaped out of the bathtub carrying with me a spray of foam and headed straight for the parlour where the glorious noise emanated from. i picked the no longer ringing phone and spied a text and i thought to myself “this is ecstasy, an additional pleasure to the call”.

only to read the text and find out that it was my chauffeur, who mentioned he won’t be picking me up this morning for work. so apparently he was my missed caller as you all already have guessed.

love could give you such a sick feeling at times, for there i was trotting gallantly across rooms in my garment of white foam, which was now all for nothing………………..

credendo vides


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