Little of Love

I want to share a little philosophy on love, you see love at first is summer time, and that’s when you think that everything is fine, no one ever thinks its gonna end, but when things go wrong, that’s when winter comes, you will need to run to someone, because if left alone, one will just freeze up again, and you know that when it gets to cold and you are alone and closed up there won’t be anyone to melt that snow. There is no point screaming or yelling at someone for what he/she might have done or neither should you clamp up because that could lead to a lot of suppression and might cause something worse, instead my dear readers give in to someone who is trying his/her possible best to help you melt that snow, so that you realise that the hurt of love is not the end of the world but a time for you to grow and make life better than it was before, because without love we can’t have a soul, a heart or even be called human, we were made to love and be loved in return and not in an unrequited or pinning way………….

credendo vides


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