What a Beautiful Day

So I’m done with the sermon and head out to the street,
It occurs to me some minutes after,
That I have being oblivious to the fact that it was raining,
I suddenly realise how wet my locks were,
My feet were gritty and topped with grime,
I had developed scratch marks from God knows where,
So I’m pondering,
How is it I didn’t feel the rain,
Except for the obscuring drops on my lashes,
I would not have known,
I walk on,
While people called out to me,
Saying “come out from under the rain”,
I turn and smile,
To some I must have looked like a loony,
My dreads didn’t help matters,
My fingers had begun to burn,
From the weight I carried on my right hand,
It only seemed fair to switch hands,
But I didn’t,
Patiently I walked on,
What sort of a virtue is this,
I didn’t seem moved at all,
My phone beeped away,
Not once did I pick,
I felt the gliding drops in my undergarment,
And I sighed,
So many men stopped trying to pick me up,
I turned them away with a smile,
I heard others call me princess,
And I giggled in my wet apparel,
Why was I getting all these attention,
And then it dawns on me,
Cause I see it in their eyes,
I am beautiful,
Even with my flabby arms, big wet eyes, tousled dreadlocks, gritty feet, half hearted smile,
To them I was beautiful”,
And I decided no one will ever tell me otherwise,
They kept trying,
Especially the persistent bugger,
I suddenly turn,
I look into his hybrid,
And I say to myself,
“What the heck, might as well mess up his car”,
He puts on the heater,
And places a warm blanket on my laps,
And chats away,
I really can’t hear much of what he is saying,
And then I notice he’s quiet,
I turn to him,
He says, “do you know you have a smile that can light up a whole town?”,
I reply ” I have a smile that can change a stone hearted man”,
He laughs,
I gets to my front gate,
Preparing to get down,
He grabs hold of my hand and says,
” Hello beautiful, my name is David”,
I smile at his chivalry,
And say “hi David, you already know my name”

credendo vides


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