What a day,

It figures 9.9.9,

With a solemn face I did start,

Amid the day I’m not sure,

Then I remember,

Checking all that needs to be checked,

Sending memos to where necessary,


A nibble here, a nibble there,

What smiles I could give i gave,

The un-reliant one requesting a smile,

In a bid to add me to his gallery,

My heart flutters at every footstep,

Waiting, pondering, hoping,

Then the sand blows away,

And I am alone again,

Another sad tale; the mother and child,

Another sad tale; the mother of an unborn child,

What a life,

Pity though is not required,

Mercy? yes, is what we need,

My ramblings over the monitor,

lost thoughts……………..sorry!

An interruption occurred,

I was told not to lean that way,

It broods a worrisome look,

But truly I do worry,

How does one define special,?

When you are not even treated as special,

Words aimed to placate a tortured one,

And I wonder,

To what real purpose,

The one who claims to be serious,

Checking up on me from time to time,

Knocking at my door with convenient smiles,

Oh Alas! I can exclaim no further,

Credendo Vibes


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