I woke up this morning,
To the sound of angels rejoicing,
The birds were all singing,
And my smile was embracing.

My dark knight of morning past,
Showed himself in a startling vest,
Bequeath he was with graceful steps,
Even though he lay weary upon my chest.

His eyes as brown as the gazelle’s hair,
His demeanor as calm as the caspian sea,
I grew to love him without a seed,
Because he was all there for me to see.

In his arms did mine lay,
Carefully nestled upon his chest,
His eyes never wavering from mine,
His mind such a beauty divine.

He made me what I am in his sight,
Searching for me in pure delight,
His gentle kisses upon my brow,
Brought me closer to his vow.

I love this beautiful stranger of mine,
That has made me feel a lovers pine,
In his embrace I felt like an angel,
Without all the planes in an angle.

Yet why do I feel this pain within,
Its the waking without him in me,
He has gone and let me be,
Not caring what I might feel,

I rub my eyes hoping its not real,
Saying to myself, this is no dejavu,
But alas! I’m undone,
He has flown and left me marooned.

My cold heart bled warm tears,
My body racked with utmost fear,
I stretched my hands in mid-air,
But I did not feel his come near.

You were not supposed to make me cry,
You were meant to make me smile,
Now you’ve gone and robbed me blind,
My sweet and humble beautiful mind.

The irony of my life stings me still,
And I’m pondering if it was ever real,
And then I touch my heart and paused a while,
I could hear your laughter in my palm.

Amidst my tears and amidst the joy,
I had found you my blissful boy,
In just one night you stole my heart,
And awoke in me a painful truth.

I love you and I know its true,
So I’ll lay down my weary head to sleep,
And hope that when I wake,
You’ll be right there waiting for me.

P. S. I Love You

credendo vides


3 thoughts on “Remilekun

  1. this is a very beautiful and expressive piece…………..
    it seems so surreal

  2. hmmmmmmn, reminds me of Leona Lewis “Happy”, i hope the guy isn’t a dream and may i say you are one talented beautiful mind……………

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