Sitting I was at my desk, pondering on what went wrong with that last call. My phone beeping, my heart bleeding, wishing and hoping that I could turn back time.

I had but given up when my mobile rang out in that shrill tone “waka waka” the caller made my heart skip, what would I say, I pick up the phone “hello”, “hi”, “what’s up”, “nothing much”, “I’m at your office”, “are you serious?”, “yes”, “I’m coming”

As every lady would I flitted my fingers over my body and waltz down the stairs, wallet and phone In hand and at the foot of the stair case stood my dark knight, with a pen in hand he scribbled his name and with my free hand I curved mine into his.

Out we went for lunch smiling sheepishly into each others eyes. Had lunch we did, on issues bothering our lives….wish this dream could stay asleep forever.

P. S. I Love You

credendo vides


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