Time After Time

Into my abode I have entered where all seem quiet and tender and I’m laying down on the couch and pondering…… Why is the world such a twisted place. I close my eyes for a little while and rub my temples where it hurts the most almost drifting away into careless slumber, but the resounding noise around me reminds me that I have not fed today.

Sighs….it was such a long day, my thoughts kept drifting towards my environment and all those surrounding it, there is no friend in mother, there is no friend in family all I have is Jesus, that mighty man of battle that has stolen my heart time and time again, bidding me to move at his pace.

Why wouldn’t they understand, that these are not mere wimps of mine. I’ve acted strong enough and I don’t want to be anymore, I want to be cradled in the arms of warmth, where milk, honey and grace flows.

Sometimes I wonder if my heart will fail me soon for all the pounding hoofs I make it go through. The chest pains have become physical, those which were once emotional. I will get there someday and I know my blog will be there to tell the tale………good night.


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