So we seat idling in a stationary vehicle bothering on matters of the heart. Talking about painful yet kept friendships. I spirit myself out of the hollow space seeking in air that I cannot feel, almost choking on my fellow’s experience.

It seems quite difficult for her to get to the core of the matter and I weary that this is a ruse to pull me down. I wish I was a bird so all I would hear are chirping sounds that cannot be decoded. She sighs heavily beside me and I once more concede to the discussion.

Life is not fair and will always remain a mystery how some people act the way they do. Friendship cannot easily be defined or understood, its a matter of choice whom you choose to be called a friend.

I would go to any limits for true friendship and this I let her see but that she should also bare in mind that we are human and therefore not perfect. The sigh again. The mobile moves and the engine revs…… I think its time to go home.

credendo vides


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