Another Day

What a day, it all started with the waking and the absence of warmth. I almost was not going to make it to work, but then again I cannot cower in my bath water all day long so I lifted myself to do the needful.

There was a certain gloom that filled the often vibrant vessel that I board on the way to work, but no one was willing to make mention of it; either out of ignorance or they just didn’t care.

The cubicle space environment wasn’t any different, I believe the weather also has a hand in this nightmare we are all awake to. For I spent the better part of the day hiding within Leota’s garden and shedding tears for fictious characters (the Spirit had moved) and from there delved into matters of the occult, some very astonishing revelations. It will shock you to know what our minds can uncover if fed without limits.

The atmosphere was drab and depressing, what turned my frown upside down were the very words of two brothers, not cities apart, but expressions apart. Entertaining me they did with their words of flattery and to my delight for the first time I reveled in their offering of succor……..

A little here and a little there was what I could manage while gingerly swaying my thoughts from those disturbing words of a day before. I haven’t lost everything because I’ve still got Eli and I do hope he remains, if not, where else will my solace lie.

The trip to my abode was a suspicious ride, one that ran cold shivers down my spine. At the end of the day, the truth will OUT, for now all I can do is gather my thoughts together and focus on being me……

credendo vides

credendo vides

credendo vides


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