There is a sound, a thumping sound,
There is a bridge, a colossus bridge,
There is a fire, a burning fire,
There is a desire, a flaming desire,
There is a field, an open field,
There is a dream, and unfilled dream,
There is a past, a demeaning past,
There is a shine, a dulling shine,
There is a mess, a tidy mess,
There is a passion, an unwanted passion,
There is scene, an ugly scene,
There is an understanding, a lost understanding,
There is a change, an unprecedented change,
There is a fly, a pesky little fly,
There is a betrayal, an unnecessary betrayal,
There is a scheme, an unfolding scheme,
There is smell, a foul stinky smell,
There is a ruse, a very clear ruse,
There is a decision, a not so clear decision,
There is a pause that will draw a full stop.

credendo vides


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