When I Cry

I see the rains and all it reminds me of are falling tears. The Heavens bleeding unable to take the choking pressure on it.

I look down to the earth and like a mother it accepts the tears, absorbing the pains, the filth and the expanse of it all, not minding that she becomes softer in the process.

Then I stare at the atmosphere and how it tries to relieve the earth of as much of the tears as it can, but succeeds only in handling the steamy feel of the tears.

I then feel my body whom the tears caresses, I stand in the midst of these three elements and understand how each one feels, the dropping tears on my skin, the muddy feel beneath my soles and the heat from the evaporation.

I share in everything and thank God that I’ll live long to see this circle again.

credendo vides


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