Its a wonder that we make ourselves instruments of the devil without knowing how much hurt and pain we dole out with our tongues.

I find that even the most solitude of places has its weakness. The only thing that keeps us sane and silent is that beacon that sees not what others see, so thereby returning peace to the turmoil within.

Sometimes it pays to have a mind of your own, it enables you to see things through your own eyes and not through the eyes of others…….hmmn
I grow weary of this banter of fools, my clown suit begins to tell its worn out tales. Is there no freedom indeed.

We let out our rage and our tears but it amounts to only one thing “internal hurt” which is irrelevant when the one whom the apple of discord is tossed to sees no apple and cares for no other perception, except for the one he sees right before him through his very own eyes. That my friend is bliss indeed.

credendo vides


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