A Weekend Ride

So there I was my lonely and eccentric self doing what I do best, wallow in simulation of all sorts, but it appeared as if I was not to be in that state today.

He promised that while weeping endureth through the night, joy will follow at the dawning of the sun and this was the case for me. My Dominus had decided to come sweep me off my feet.

Excitement would make anyone do silly things atimes and I had my share yesterday. I can’t recall how many outfits I tried on just so I could feel and look cool “do not mind me”, I at the end of the day settled for my bedroom colors (black and white) and I definitely won’t be going into all the intricate details but be assured I was decked out in black and white right to my very stockings.

In anticipation I waited and for once didn’t feel a frustration at being delayed for it was only gonna make the night last longer. I was eager and yet I was patient. That’s the effect he had on me. The man who made my heart beat fast and slow at the same time didn’t know such a thing could happen.

With him, holding him, kissing him felt like I had tasted the heavenly food of the greeks, just like ambrosia, what an experience to be able to feel that butterfly effect, the light headedness, the abandonment of all pain and sorrow, to once again feel that semblance of peace.

I wish we could stay like that forever and never wake up from this dream. Would it not that I be blessed with such a man as he. I closed my eyes and decided that when I wake the dream would be over. I felt in my sleeps hands holding mine, with speed beneath my body and then a stop. I had finally woken up and I gave a sigh before opening my eyes to reality only to find as my eyes opened that this had being no dream at all.

credendo vides


3 thoughts on “A Weekend Ride

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