From Everlasting

Without you I am nothing, for with you I am everything. My body is dust and my soul and heart belongs to you. It is you that my eyes sets its sight upon, that my heart sees, feels and loves. You are my beginning and my end the one whose grace upon my life is manifest through the strength that grows within me.

You are the alcove in which I find my hiding place, you are the sanctuary in which my heart is true, you are the banner in which my family is safe. Above all else it is you that I love you, that I trust you, that I owe my life, you upon which the foundation of my life is based.

Without you I am but a wandering spirit, with you behind me my favors are bountiful and that is why I do not hestitate in death believing that my comfort lies with you. I do not love you less than you love me, for with each passing day my emotions for you grow stronger. You are my pillar, my wildcat, my passion, my love, my desire, my agony, my moondust, my firefly, my sundance and my valor.

My Lord, you are everything to me.

credendo vides


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