Missing You!

The departing sound and movement of the bird dawns on me and makes me realize I am actually going to be far away from you. The thought brings tears to my eyes but I guard them against their fall least people see the pain etched in my eyes.

I make conversation to the ear beside me. Wanting to drift the conversation away from thoughts of you. I envision you as you would be sitted upon your saddle awaiting thoughts and chats from me. I sigh heavily, breathe in the artificial air and try to close my eyes.

I see you flash before my eyes, I dare not open them least my flood of saddness be unleashed. Then I have an epiphany, we are yet to consummate what we have and yet I miss you already, I am just some hours apart from you and I miss you already. What is this feeling? Why can’t I stay sane?

And so it is this feeling of lonliness shrouds me, despite the company that I keep. I will bid my time and think of you like you are beside me. I will not cry and shame your supposed presence around me. I cannot wait to have you back in my arms. A lifetime of us is what awaits us, so I will wait until I find and see you again.

credendo vides


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