The Blind Side – SOY

It is said that if you try to please the world, you might only end up hurting yourself.

I have learnt not to give an ear to the wagging tongues of those false faces around me, but sometimes they cannot be ignored and yes their actions often leave a bitter taste on one’s tongue.

You ponder sometimes what makes a man who knows nothing about you start to tattle off on tales surrounding you, how does he justify the hurt or hole he creates in the life of these same people. It breeds contempt, anger and malice, yet I find I feel none of these other than pity for such an individual.

A friend once said that “a man is a product of his understanding”, it explains a lot, what a man spews out of his mouth is as a result of what he feeds his mind and soul with, be it false information or the truth, as long as it is what he believes, he would go ahead and paint the world with such data. Meanwhile, somewhere that poor soul whose ear twitchs has no idea that there is such a perception.

People are not easy to please….. Its better for you be yourself and stay on their radar. The more you are talked about, the more important you must be. For if their idle tongues won’t stop wagging, then why not entertain them, until their tongues fall off…….. Such an empty headed world we live in.

All that matters to me is that you see me like no other saw me, you saw beyond the comments and the blacken perceptions, you saw me for who I am and you love me still despite all and if I be not good enough for the world, at least I know I am at least good enough for the one and only person that matters.

credendo vides


4 thoughts on “The Blind Side – SOY

  1. words of wisdom,
    It is hard to please someone…

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