Wherefore art thou?

Its being so long since my fingers fluttered across the board,
I hear the sigh in my voice and the strain in my heart,
Hmmmmn, I can’t feel my heart beat anymore,
I was burnt down and like the phoenix I am reborn.

What a rush, a fervent fever that it has all being a dream,
The past is behind me and the future abreast of me,
I can no longer toll the path that I alone can thread,
This is my decision and my prerogative.

It is not easy when you find peace, for all hell is let loose for its turbulence,
I hold on fast to this flitting belief,
There is afterall death beyond all these,
I have but to look up and see what the future begets for me.

This is real, it is no dream, I am not to be awaken from any false slumber,
My motto “forward ever, backward never”,
I have made a truce with my father and maker,
There shall be no downpour in the house of Tehila

credendo vides


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