Rude Awakening

Poetry starts my beginning,
Wroth with mystery, predictions and darkness,
I ride those words to my destiny,
Forging no alliance with the stars.

I stand on a pedestal, alone and afraid,
Darkness beckons and my soul aches,
The light dims and my voice quakes,
What am I to be? Dust without essence.

There is much longing, much desire,
The channel is lost, the frequency dead,
The spark that was, flickers to survive,
The rouge that roams whispers his goodbyes.

Irawo that I am, I fade Into the sky,
This is where my agenda stalls,
No forwards to take, no backwards to fall,
I am in a state worse than before.


  1. Know your mission (and your vision and your value proposition).
  2. Determine whether you’re trying to duplicate or diversify.
  3. Define clearly the scope of the position including:
    • Reporting structure
    • Supervisory responsibilities
    • Job responsibilities
    • Required skills
    • Environmental and physical requirements
    • Educational or credential requirements
    • How you’ll measure success for the position
  4. Look inside, first. Training “up” already-hired staff has a 75% positive impact – the highest of all the recruiting initiatives surveyed (CIPD, 2008 Annual Survey).
  5. Determine, if you must look outside your existing staff, whether you are on-boarding or outsourcing the position.
  6. Use multiple channels to recruit. There are several no- and low-cost channels, beginning with referrals.
  7. Conduct a multi-step hiring process:
    • Utilize an applicant tracking system to organize incoming resumes.Preview all resumes to visually confirm primary requirements are met.
    • Do job benchmarking to compare candidate backgrounds and skills with the job requirements.
    • Conduct phone screens on your…

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One thought on “Rude Awakening

  1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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