Confused Woman

confused womanThe night is here and in minutes his fingers find my areola,
And the shivers run through me like a diseased person with Ebola,
While my teeth clamp together despite my hurting molar.

With tender hands and nimble fingers he touches all points that raise my passion,
My moans fill the air in a stately fashion,
While my body relaxes into blissful leisure.

The morning arouses my senses and my eyes fall on his cold stare,
One would think I have stepped into a lion’s lair,
I tread carefully around his shell to ensure that I ignite no flares.

He barely looks at me as he responds to my query in disgust,
And of cause I realise that all is lost,
It makes me ponder upon his mistrust.

I love that man who is my midnight lover,
I hate that man who is my morning blunder,
It is worse still that they are but one man acting in two weird manners.

dido 4 eva


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