Single Woman

Diddle, fiddle, meddle, willow,
There is a baby born to shiloh,
With smiles and dimples upon her pillow,
But she will likely become a young man’s widow.

Breathless, screaming, seething figure,
Pondering her fate with utmost rigour
Telling herself she will be the dealer,
That decides the outcome of this unending trailer.

Smirking, sneering, leering, glaring,
The devil comes to take his unfair earning,
There will be no end to her heart’s yearning,
He will strip her down and leave her learning.

Weeping, shrieking, clinging, running,
Where to? for he is all but cunning,
He will find you and make you wanting,
Wishing you had never been hungry or blindly moaning.

Desire, passion, fever, daunting,
This is a dream, scary and funny,
For its surreal, bleak and shoddy,
Nothing could have been this unworldly.

Temper, raging, irking, narcissist,
Thinking he could cower a formidable feminist,
This will teach him to leave the chauvinist,
And retain an air of a humble pacifist.

Laughing, smiling, dancing, loving,
A single life that’s neither dull nor judging,
I have won this race of women stalling,
Hoping to be the first lady standing.

dido 4 eva


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