Crying Woman

Crying womanCan you hear that sound?
Shrieking like an injured hound,
Mocking the woman who finds herself bound,
This is why she will never be found.

They stare and weep in awe of her,
She is crazed and rambles in words that blur,
Misery a friend that wraps around her like a fur,
She will know no happiness even when her death occurs

The company she seeks can never exist,
The man she wants will never persist,
She is alone in this sea of mist,
Never to unlock his hard handled fist.

She will go insane and drift away,
They will feel her pain and go a different way,
She will bear her cross and go astray,
This is a loss that will make them pray.

Can you not hear that?
A sound so deep it makes the air weep,
She is at a crossroad beyond willows creek,
Crying her eyes out for death’s sweet kiss.

Confused Woman

confused womanThe night is here and in minutes his fingers find my areola,
And the shivers run through me like a diseased person with Ebola,
While my teeth clamp together despite my hurting molar.

With tender hands and nimble fingers he touches all points that raise my passion,
My moans fill the air in a stately fashion,
While my body relaxes into blissful leisure.

The morning arouses my senses and my eyes fall on his cold stare,
One would think I have stepped into a lion’s lair,
I tread carefully around his shell to ensure that I ignite no flares.

He barely looks at me as he responds to my query in disgust,
And of cause I realise that all is lost,
It makes me ponder upon his mistrust.

I love that man who is my midnight lover,
I hate that man who is my morning blunder,
It is worse still that they are but one man acting in two weird manners.

dido 4 eva

Happy Woman


She is the one whose hazel coloured eyes lights up a dull gathering,
She is the one who proudly flaunts are not so galant wedding ring,
She is the one who sees everything in red but yet calls it green.


She is the one who frolics to music while driving in traffic,
She is the one while everyone is whinning holds a smile that is so graphic,
She is the one who makes every little trivial moment feel like magic.


She is the one who despite all the anguish still tends to make you laugh,
She is the one who provides you with little rather than make you starve,
She is the one who with humble beginnings treats you with class.


She is the one who twirls to nothing and it becomes music that makes you dance,
She is the one who amidst all chaos will risk everything to give you a chance,
She is the one who is married to a strange and bitter man but yet adores him like she were in a trance.


dido 4 eva

happy woman

Lonely Woman

lonely womanNow I bear a sickly face,
And in his arms have I found no grace,
He leaves me every morning in a sadden daze,
And I finally accept my lonely place.

He treats me with disdain even in my weaken state,
And I truly wonder if indeed he is my blessed mate,
He chides and mocks me not knowing my future fate,
Not minding that this sickness might make me late.

I am looked upon with sadness and pity,
Whisperings of a woman treated like an abandoned kitty,
Yet I am but a woman, a wife, a mother who needs only to be smitten,
But all he does is leave me bitten.

This sickness will not be my end,
This sickness will not make me bend,
He will see me someday has a friend,
That he needs always treat like a fern.

dido 4 eva

Foolish Woman

foolish womanIt’s easy when it’s not your life,
It’s different when you find yourself with love and strife,
Waking up every morning to a man who loves you not,
And yet he always leaves you in a draught.

Early tales of love so sweet,
Promises that now seem so bleak,
He hardly holds you while you sleep,
And barely touches you while praying and his fingers slip.

To have and to hold, for rich or for poor,
Those vows said for those that go to war,
Now hunts her soul and makes her mourn,
For the love that’s gone and so forlorn.

No friend or foe to smile or cry with,
No bird or tree to share a little wit,
Except the child she bore in blood,
Can she share her falling flood.

She cowers in corners afraid and lost,
When she should have being basking in love,
In her pain and joy she stands alone,
And visits no grudge upon his home.

For him she has shed some blood not once,
The first in form of a child, the second was a waste of chance,
A life of misery that knows all sorrows,
A story unending that will have more tomorrows.

He who has an ear, they say let him hear,
And she who cannot hear, let her to the sea be bare,
For it be better to drown in fear,
Than to live one’s life in love so unfair.

dido 4 eva

Fiery Woman

fiery womanShe wields his heart within hers,
Bending it to her desire and will,
forging a cage to hold him in,
Striving to be lord over his land.

Upon the shards of glass that beds the floor,
She tosses him down and he screams abroad,
What a shame he proves so weak,
That a sheet of glass makes him bleed.

She whispers smoothing words,
Touching his sore and tender spots,
Pouring kisses upon his fevered brow,
And with ease pierced his waiting heart.

dido 4 eva