Ode to Yetty

Midnight Angel

Rest In Peace

At meadow’s dawn, I feel a shift in the way the clouds moved,

I felt my shoulder pull back in utter ruse,

I touched my skin so pale it made me weak,

If only I had known.

The wail was a welcome, the water a blessing,

The lips all puckered will feel no udder,

The origin so painful will know no bosom-hood,

If only I had known.

I grazed the morn with unwelcome streak,

I woke from tile, dirt and grit,

I dragged my feet onto the holy grounds to see the King with eyes drawn down,

If only I had known.

The North wind blew and my low heel grew,

I found the sun was up even before I knew,

I shared the sour news and called the true blues,

If only I had known.

Then I came through and the birds flew,

I heard the news that my heart knew,

I held the rail until my nails chewed,

Oh! Aunty Yetunde if only I had known.