A Day After Sallah

The situation just gets better and better. I mean after two long/ short days of lounging on the souls of dear rams (sallah), basking in the sun and drinking all sorts of toxins, one would think that upon resumption to the office, we would have to take off from where we stopped and get to down to the reason why we are being paid (work). Unfortunately, you see that is not the case here.

It is considerably hard that I have not being paid and have being coming to work for the past two and a half months, burning fuel, embracing traffic and struggling with insomniac, I’ll like to think all these for now are a bit excusable, considering the fact that a night before I had a wrestling match that left my right shoulder ball socket hurting, my beau walking out on me and generator consuming my fuel. So I’m out of the house by 4.45am, driving with my left arm, and pondering on how my brother manages to always consume my fuel…

All that aside, the painful part now is that I get to the office, glad at least that I get to wrap up on a few deliverables only to find out that the diesel in the generator is going to last for just two hours, PHCN has being faulty for the past three weeks and it was not deemed fit by the administration to either find an alternative means or better still tell staff to work from home. So… I have burnt the little fuel I have, managed to drive with one arm, being cheated of sleep, didn’t have a chance to paste my todo list on the fridge and here I am, can’t charge my phone, no water, no internet, sweating like a pig without a thought to if there will be any work done today.

Anyways what did I expect, I live in a disorganised country, with disorganised leaders, establishing disorganised states for disorganised people, developing disorganised policies for running disorganised corporate entities and I’m expecting a miracle *eyes rolling* NOT! This is just as it should be, if they had gotten things right, I would have being sure the world would be raptured today…

credendo vides