Miles to go

I remember you and all that you were to me,
My father, my friend, my foe and my shield,
The day you left is ever so fresh,
The pain I bare is never far-fetched.

The world could not understand the way you were,
The fields would not embrace the aura that you spelt,
The walls could not hold in the midst of all that anger,
The evil that man was trembled at your fearsome power.

Its been almost four years since the night angel came for you,
Its been almost four years the world have left me cold,
Its been almost four years since slept upon my couch,
Its been almost four years since I missed your passing by.

I walked down the aisle, brother in hand,
Wishing you were there to steady my hand,
I made my vows, bible and truth in hand,
I wished you were there to left the veil off my face.

The prayers you made and the lightening you caused,
The wars you fought and the beers you drunk,
The barricade you built and the fires you spurn,
For us you did so the devil would have none.

You soared the night just to keep us safe,
You branded yourself a wizard as long as it would make us play,
You held your authority so that we might be prepared,
You raised no monuments so that we might so scale.

I have felt your presence and have known your voice,
I have hugged your wisdom and have seen your words,
I have paced the darkness and have known no fears,
For with you beside me, there shall be no tears.

The wind beneath my feet, the banner above my face,
The man with whom I fought, the man with whom I held praise,
You held me high and saw me as a man,
You saw me through my walks be it night or morning fair.

Now I sit thinking in twenty-five days it will be four years soon,
And I just wander what to do with all these tears that gather too,
Then it dawns on me, just like you would have had me do,
I will pray until my heart and soul in peace shall reign true.

credendo vides “by believing one sees”