Willows Night

At the dawn of a dreary night,
Comes my heart with the bellow might,
The madness comes and then away,
The tempo dies and I’m awake.

I seat the dark and delay the light,
I bless the child on this starry night,
We are bound by laws within our clan,
We are pained by the gong we again have clanged.

The man is deep and not a mirror fit,
There will be no voicing or outward speech,
To thy self be true and to man be calm,
Lest it is said you have broken the vows.

So this is what the mailman sends,
The raging truth and the bitter lies,
The lonely walk and the sheltered heart,
The lasting end of a shorten beginning.

credendo vides “by believing one sees”



So we seat idling in a stationary vehicle bothering on matters of the heart. Talking about painful yet kept friendships. I spirit myself out of the hollow space seeking in air that I cannot feel, almost choking on my fellow’s experience.

It seems quite difficult for her to get to the core of the matter and I weary that this is a ruse to pull me down. I wish I was a bird so all I would hear are chirping sounds that cannot be decoded. She sighs heavily beside me and I once more concede to the discussion.

Life is not fair and will always remain a mystery how some people act the way they do. Friendship cannot easily be defined or understood, its a matter of choice whom you choose to be called a friend.

I would go to any limits for true friendship and this I let her see but that she should also bare in mind that we are human and therefore not perfect. The sigh again. The mobile moves and the engine revs…… I think its time to go home.

credendo vides


I heard an angel today,
Not fallen, but risen,
Not aglow, but humble,
Radiating a feeling that has become taboo.

I did not see his eyes,
I could barely make out his voice,
Sounding like troubled waters,
Yet soothing my soul.

His aura so strong,
That he pulled me out of my reverie,
For a very long time,
I’ve never felt my smile so warm..

My palms encased in his,
No discomfort whatsoever,
No lust in his eyes,
Just sheer friendship and love.

credendo vides