Foolish Woman

foolish womanIt’s easy when it’s not your life,
It’s different when you find yourself with love and strife,
Waking up every morning to a man who loves you not,
And yet he always leaves you in a draught.

Early tales of love so sweet,
Promises that now seem so bleak,
He hardly holds you while you sleep,
And barely touches you while praying and his fingers slip.

To have and to hold, for rich or for poor,
Those vows said for those that go to war,
Now hunts her soul and makes her mourn,
For the love that’s gone and so forlorn.

No friend or foe to smile or cry with,
No bird or tree to share a little wit,
Except the child she bore in blood,
Can she share her falling flood.

She cowers in corners afraid and lost,
When she should have being basking in love,
In her pain and joy she stands alone,
And visits no grudge upon his home.

For him she has shed some blood not once,
The first in form of a child, the second was a waste of chance,
A life of misery that knows all sorrows,
A story unending that will have more tomorrows.

He who has an ear, they say let him hear,
And she who cannot hear, let her to the sea be bare,
For it be better to drown in fear,
Than to live one’s life in love so unfair.

dido 4 eva


Fiery Woman

fiery womanShe wields his heart within hers,
Bending it to her desire and will,
forging a cage to hold him in,
Striving to be lord over his land.

Upon the shards of glass that beds the floor,
She tosses him down and he screams abroad,
What a shame he proves so weak,
That a sheet of glass makes him bleed.

She whispers smoothing words,
Touching his sore and tender spots,
Pouring kisses upon his fevered brow,
And with ease pierced his waiting heart.

dido 4 eva

Midnight Musings

Upon my lofty bed of concrete I lay,
Starring back at the darkness above my head,
Admonishing the slightly blowing breeze,
Spying the half drawn willow drapes.

I feel the pain to the roots of my dreads,
The tears slightly thugging at the corners of my eye,
The smile slowly fading from my mind,
And Yanni’s nightingale playing me to peace.

The reminders of what could have been,
Tales of how it would have felt,
Disappointment at the thought of it,
Freedom from a future unkown.

Those drizzles upon the flat sheet,
Are the answers to my bellowing soul,
The pair far gone from one another,
A silence that never brought calm.

Times past and age creeps,
The unwelcome visitor to a heart set on adventure,
So little time and not even there yet,
I sigh, twist and fret, but tarry I will.

When they are forth and the sky is lit,
The smiles returned and the wind bleats,
I will once more dance and soar,
After which all would have been said and done.

credendo vides


There was a creature of old,
Criticised till he formed a mold,
All he had with him was a wrapped fold,
What was in it was the pages of the bible unsoiled.

We do not know a man,
Until we blow his inner flames with a bellow fan,
One who was born into a master plan,
Whom the Lord delivered into his own clan.

He was not born a monster,
He was created a monster,
Yet the mob try to lynch his star,
The one established by the foster.

He hides behind his horrid past,
But all that’s inside is a child not growing fast,
Yet one whom everyone views with a gasp,
A monster which at yet to sting as a wasp.

Who ever heard of a monster so spiritual,
Yet he seems so physical,
All he wanted was for people to do the logical,
Which was to let him be eternally.

But I came along,
Like a spider with various throngs,
Prodding until I left him sprung,
Even though he could have got me hung.

The exterior monster everyone saw was blind to me,
All I saw was the clamoring child within,
The one that craved a mother’s touch with ease,
The child that would not let go of the past murder case.

I was drawn to this monster who was no animal,
I had made my decision and it was final,
I am madly in love with this chameleon,
And will implore you all never to judge a book by its spinal cover.

credendo vides

Jesus I Thank You!

My heart flutters, beating fast to a rhythm unknown,
I feel the tension begin to build,
Once again I feel the blood rush through my veins,
Thought I dead, now I have being reborn.

You found me when no one else was looking,
You regarded me when those who should didn’t,
You grace me with your presence to the shame of all others,
You fight for me and I find all my fear is gone.

I have being blessed this very era,
I have felt your breasts and you granted me suckle,
I have touched your face and find you to be no dream,
You are my life now and my ever beating heart.

This is a rare gift, one I solemnly swear to keep forever,
If I deserve it or not, that is another matter,
But for this one chance of happiness I am willing to live,
To defy all odds and all raging storms.

I thought you had deserted me and left me in the arid arena,
Now I find your favor upon me, one that is too much for me to hold,
You have crowned my tears with joy,
You have given me his beautiful heart that bears your beautiful mark.

credendo vides

Missing You

Today makes it three,
Flashing lights and weeping babes,
Falling stars without graceful steps,
I miss you.

An emptiness engulfs my abode,
Vibrations fill the air,
Missing links on a rusted chain,
I miss you.

I remember that wicked grin,
I hear that name you call,
I see your fragile frame,
I miss you.

No visiting the dark areas,
No evening prattle,
No night-time chocolates or PM news,
I miss you.

My mind is fuddled with confusion,
My hands are shaking from inhibitions,
My feet are cold and weary,
I miss you.

They have all but left me,
But still your presence I feel,
Wandering the corridors at night,
I miss you.

Now I’m awake and wondering,
When will I see you again,
My mentor and my father,
I miss you so.

Crendendo Vides

credendo vides

Losing My Religion

I found myself in the midst of them that sing,

The Bacchus of the Nigerian soil,

In the company of a fool’s play,

All fiction, like a midsummer’s night dream.

My delight shone like pure gold,

Rays of which I have never felt for a while,

The cool tender drops upon my cheek,

The warm lava flow riding down my back.

I found love in the strangest of places,

I found love in drunkenness of a feast,

I found love in the smiles of strangers,

I found love in the stillness of his eyes.

I have been to the most decent of places,

I have been to the prettiest of gatherings,

I have been in the company of the wise,

I have danced with the men of old.

I have never felt what I feel now,

This never-ending smile on my lips,

This captivating chuckling within my soul,

This urge to make a run for it.

I found love in a sea of dark murky waters,

I found love in a crumbling three wheel drive,

I found love beneath a shed made of shattered clothing,

I found love in every word he said.

I found love in every breath he took,

I found love in every kiss he gave,

I found love with every hold we had,

I found love in the tears he gave.

So I need not be in a fancy restaurant,

I need not have the best of cars,

I need not have the strongest of men,

I need not have the Apollo of them all.

I need not have an expensive movie ticket,

I need not have a Canadian visa,

I need not have any of these,

To have a love that’s true and free.

Credendo Vides………………