Happy Woman


She is the one whose hazel coloured eyes lights up a dull gathering,
She is the one who proudly flaunts are not so galant wedding ring,
She is the one who sees everything in red but yet calls it green.


She is the one who frolics to music while driving in traffic,
She is the one while everyone is whinning holds a smile that is so graphic,
She is the one who makes every little trivial moment feel like magic.


She is the one who despite all the anguish still tends to make you laugh,
She is the one who provides you with little rather than make you starve,
She is the one who with humble beginnings treats you with class.


She is the one who twirls to nothing and it becomes music that makes you dance,
She is the one who amidst all chaos will risk everything to give you a chance,
She is the one who is married to a strange and bitter man but yet adores him like she were in a trance.


dido 4 eva

happy woman


Breaking Free

I’m outside my compound, sitting under the shade of a willow tree, barely wearing anything to shelter me from the cold windy night, while I wait…

I spare a moment to look up at the passing plane while I listen to a soundtrack from HSM and my eyes fill with tears and I wished I was in the clouds with my arms spread wide open and my heart singing with gladness. Sometimes I wish I could just wake up in the morning to see that I have sprouted wings and I really don’t have anywhere in mind to go except to soar in the sky like an eagle would while I ride the wind and let all my burdens be lifted.

I envy the birds of the sky, who don’t have to worry about school, or what they will eat next or what hair style to make next or never understand what its like to feel hurt, but yet they understand duty and obligation to their kind without too much emotion. I wish I could break free from this steel cage and do what it is that my heart longs to do without question as to its benefits or impact. I have tried but my free spirit has refused to be broken.

I have dreamed of walking the edge of the scottish mountains while I put my pen to paper and my brush to easel and watch the sun set as I lay upon the fields of green, while the sea cascades against the walls of the mountain making earthly music, with my shroud about me. You see all that I’m after is a life full of laughter, one of sheer abandon where I don’t have to erect any walls or pretend to be something I’m not. I just want to be me. The world though, doesn’t see things from that perspective, they have your role spelled out and anything outside of that is not welcome. My constant and only companion are my words (written and unwritten),

credendo vides

Yin & Yang

I’m scouring the sky in a moving bus,
The seats barely covered,
My feet upon the engine seat,
With my heart in an upheaval,
Yet I scour the skies for you.

The headphones stuck to my bobbing head,
The traffic is one in a million,
The street lights all dead and gone,
The sea is calm from my typing spot,
Yet I bob my head to my crazy play list.

Thinking of my divided attachments,
Chewing on a stale pinkish gum,
Disturbed by my fringed look,
Rummaging in my bag for something to eat,
Yet I’m thinking of those attachments.

I spot a small and lonely isle on the sea,
There is a diatribe playing in my ear,
There is a ping from a bb contact,
There are strangers peeking into my window,
Yet I still sight that lonely isle.

I feel a sudden sprout of joy,
Questions keep rising to the surface,
Wraith-like structures crawl up my leg,
The heat from the engine begins to consume my face,
Yet I still feel that sprout of joy.

I just refuse to be torn down,
The urge to cry out and bleed exists,
The anticipation of the pessimist lurks in midair,
The fever of another broken existence threatens,
Yet I refuse to be torn down.

credendo vides