I heard the knock at my door,
With footsteps on the floor,
I fled with might across the moor,
To try and stop the sounding roar.

I peeped on out to the darkest flaw,
I guess I was shocked at what I saw,
I tried to be calm for this boy,
For I saw no reason to be bored.

Reek he did from above,
Slurring out the words of a dove,
I need not banter at his move,
He was clearly high and with his grove.

My heart was bitter and in distress,
Feeling like a dope of a mistress,
I wish he did not come with regrets,
Instead gone to lay on his mattress.

A kiss for my lips was turned to a kiss on my cheek,
I would not be treated like the nymphs of the Greek,
I would prefer to be discreet In my manner of secret,
So I won’t be found inside the creek.

I bid him on his liquored retreat,
For alas! He is beyond my defeat,
Tomorrow will come with its receipt,
And I’ll be here with no deceit.

credendo vides