Willows Night

At the dawn of a dreary night,
Comes my heart with the bellow might,
The madness comes and then away,
The tempo dies and I’m awake.

I seat the dark and delay the light,
I bless the child on this starry night,
We are bound by laws within our clan,
We are pained by the gong we again have clanged.

The man is deep and not a mirror fit,
There will be no voicing or outward speech,
To thy self be true and to man be calm,
Lest it is said you have broken the vows.

So this is what the mailman sends,
The raging truth and the bitter lies,
The lonely walk and the sheltered heart,
The lasting end of a shorten beginning.

credendo vides “by believing one sees”


Light Years Away

Under the canopy of the ever moving clouds,
Surrounded by deafening but undefied sounds,
Standing still oblivious to the passing crowd,
This is the moment I realized I should have a shroud.

I make peace with the scenery around,
I wrap myself around his heavy hands,
And bare my feet on the gritty sandy ground,
This is the moment I realized I should have to make no stand.

He tells me the story of the oldest of stars,
And makes it seem like a tale from Mars,
I wonder what its like to touch it from afar,
This is the moment I realized I should have never set up those bars.

My temples feel the brushing of his lips,
And I feel the warmth seep out of his finger tips,
It was like taking a bite, nibble or a nip,
This is the moment I realized I should take a dip.

How I wished this moment would never end,
Like a route heading straight on without a bend,
We are a pair that make a perfect blend,
This is the moment I knew that our love would never really end.

credendo vides


So its a Sunday morning and still I lay on my bed with cramps in my belly and sadness in my eyes. The days are not turning out to be as I expected. I should be preparing for church but something holds me back.

I look outside my window and view the dark clouds, it will rain soon, so I better get ready, because nothing is going to stop me from going to the only place where it seems I might find inner peace.

My body is cold and my wits are far from assembled. I need His guidance more than ever, His friendship more than ever, His shroud of warmth more than ever. Its not the apocalypse I’m sure of that, but its bound to be a devastating occurrence. Lord help me *hands clasped together in prayer*

credendo vides