Crying Woman

Crying womanCan you hear that sound?
Shrieking like an injured hound,
Mocking the woman who finds herself bound,
This is why she will never be found.

They stare and weep in awe of her,
She is crazed and rambles in words that blur,
Misery a friend that wraps around her like a fur,
She will know no happiness even when her death occurs

The company she seeks can never exist,
The man she wants will never persist,
She is alone in this sea of mist,
Never to unlock his hard handled fist.

She will go insane and drift away,
They will feel her pain and go a different way,
She will bear her cross and go astray,
This is a loss that will make them pray.

Can you not hear that?
A sound so deep it makes the air weep,
She is at a crossroad beyond willows creek,
Crying her eyes out for death’s sweet kiss.


My Prayer

I pray you’ll be my guide and watch me where I go,
I pray you’ll find the will to love me even more,

I pray you’ll see my face and wash away my tears,
I pray you’ll see my path and light it all the way,

I pray you’ll hear my cry and calm it down with joy,
I pray you’ll hear my laugh and crown it up with smiles,

I pray you’ll lend me your strength and dissolve my weaknesses,
I pray you’ll give me her trials and lessen hers completely,

I pray you’ll see my foes and bless them abundantly,
I pray you’ll meet my friends and guard them jealously,

I pray you’ll stretch out your arms and lift me effortlessly,
I pray you’ll see my shame and cloak it gloriously,

I pray you’ll see the love that I have within me and abound in me gracefully,
I pray you’ll see my fallen scars and soothe it with aloe wordlessly,

I pray you’ll see my flaws and find it easy to forgive me,
I pray you’ll see me as I am and love me eternally,

credendo vides