Pure and Unadulterated

A mystery rolls out in phases, inching towards a clear suspense that neither cares to admit.

So I’ll tell that tale of a light so pure yet so hard it cuts through like a knife.

Take a stand all angels,
Consider now the absent ones,
Blow the trumpets, blow the horns,
A part of you has gone amiss.

The streets be searched high and low,
The harps be sang from morn till eve,
Heavenly tears be dropped from the skies above,
I bet it you will not find him nigh.

Hearken now to the voice of the one that calls,
For he hears the golden taps of sandaled feet,
Follow that haloed glow that surrounds that passing being,
For his achilles heel lies with me.

He has come to my humble abode of shame,
He desires to see the world through my eyes,
I put a stop to my chaotic movements,
For i have caught the eye of an angel.

He strips me bare of my cloaked saddness,
As I thug at his tender heart strings,
I have invited him to my volcanic core,
And he stretches out his bleeding palms.

He studies me with eyes filled with unspeakable tenderness,
I think I have robbed this angel of his Heavenly duties,
For he resides now by my side,
While the Heavens cry out for their most valiant soldier.

His smile is like the warm kissing graze of the sun,
His hands a chiseled work of God,
His aura over shadows mine in depth,
Had I thought I was shy…. I just met my match.

I try to take his hands and he shieds away,
He tries to express himself but I overwhelm him,
I try to prod him with all my wiles, he rises above it,
He tries to touch me, but I skid away.

“What is this we have done” cries her voice,
I have brought down something precious from above,
How had I drawn this undeserved attention from above,
How have I managed to steal his heart without a thought to it.

“It can’t be helped”, says the familiar timbre voice,
I was lured by things beyond your own understanding,
You are everything special and beautiful to me,
For you I did remain human forever.

I smile, he smiles,
I laugh, he laughs,
I get into a frenzy, he gets into a frenzy,
I display my shyness, he displays his too.

There is a final thought to this tale,
It might never budge from this very scene,
It might not have an happy ending,
But she definitely made a human out of her angel to keep now and forever more!

credendo vides