Light Years Away

Under the canopy of the ever moving clouds,
Surrounded by deafening but undefied sounds,
Standing still oblivious to the passing crowd,
This is the moment I realized I should have a shroud.

I make peace with the scenery around,
I wrap myself around his heavy hands,
And bare my feet on the gritty sandy ground,
This is the moment I realized I should have to make no stand.

He tells me the story of the oldest of stars,
And makes it seem like a tale from Mars,
I wonder what its like to touch it from afar,
This is the moment I realized I should have never set up those bars.

My temples feel the brushing of his lips,
And I feel the warmth seep out of his finger tips,
It was like taking a bite, nibble or a nip,
This is the moment I realized I should take a dip.

How I wished this moment would never end,
Like a route heading straight on without a bend,
We are a pair that make a perfect blend,
This is the moment I knew that our love would never really end.

credendo vides


Yin & Yang

I’m scouring the sky in a moving bus,
The seats barely covered,
My feet upon the engine seat,
With my heart in an upheaval,
Yet I scour the skies for you.

The headphones stuck to my bobbing head,
The traffic is one in a million,
The street lights all dead and gone,
The sea is calm from my typing spot,
Yet I bob my head to my crazy play list.

Thinking of my divided attachments,
Chewing on a stale pinkish gum,
Disturbed by my fringed look,
Rummaging in my bag for something to eat,
Yet I’m thinking of those attachments.

I spot a small and lonely isle on the sea,
There is a diatribe playing in my ear,
There is a ping from a bb contact,
There are strangers peeking into my window,
Yet I still sight that lonely isle.

I feel a sudden sprout of joy,
Questions keep rising to the surface,
Wraith-like structures crawl up my leg,
The heat from the engine begins to consume my face,
Yet I still feel that sprout of joy.

I just refuse to be torn down,
The urge to cry out and bleed exists,
The anticipation of the pessimist lurks in midair,
The fever of another broken existence threatens,
Yet I refuse to be torn down.

credendo vides