Happy Woman


She is the one whose hazel coloured eyes lights up a dull gathering,
She is the one who proudly flaunts are not so galant wedding ring,
She is the one who sees everything in red but yet calls it green.


She is the one who frolics to music while driving in traffic,
She is the one while everyone is whinning holds a smile that is so graphic,
She is the one who makes every little trivial moment feel like magic.


She is the one who despite all the anguish still tends to make you laugh,
She is the one who provides you with little rather than make you starve,
She is the one who with humble beginnings treats you with class.


She is the one who twirls to nothing and it becomes music that makes you dance,
She is the one who amidst all chaos will risk everything to give you a chance,
She is the one who is married to a strange and bitter man but yet adores him like she were in a trance.


dido 4 eva

happy woman


My Prayer

I pray you’ll be my guide and watch me where I go,
I pray you’ll find the will to love me even more,

I pray you’ll see my face and wash away my tears,
I pray you’ll see my path and light it all the way,

I pray you’ll hear my cry and calm it down with joy,
I pray you’ll hear my laugh and crown it up with smiles,

I pray you’ll lend me your strength and dissolve my weaknesses,
I pray you’ll give me her trials and lessen hers completely,

I pray you’ll see my foes and bless them abundantly,
I pray you’ll meet my friends and guard them jealously,

I pray you’ll stretch out your arms and lift me effortlessly,
I pray you’ll see my shame and cloak it gloriously,

I pray you’ll see the love that I have within me and abound in me gracefully,
I pray you’ll see my fallen scars and soothe it with aloe wordlessly,

I pray you’ll see my flaws and find it easy to forgive me,
I pray you’ll see me as I am and love me eternally,

credendo vides

What a Beautiful Day

So I’m done with the sermon and head out to the street,
It occurs to me some minutes after,
That I have being oblivious to the fact that it was raining,
I suddenly realise how wet my locks were,
My feet were gritty and topped with grime,
I had developed scratch marks from God knows where,
So I’m pondering,
How is it I didn’t feel the rain,
Except for the obscuring drops on my lashes,
I would not have known,
I walk on,
While people called out to me,
Saying “come out from under the rain”,
I turn and smile,
To some I must have looked like a loony,
My dreads didn’t help matters,
My fingers had begun to burn,
From the weight I carried on my right hand,
It only seemed fair to switch hands,
But I didn’t,
Patiently I walked on,
What sort of a virtue is this,
I didn’t seem moved at all,
My phone beeped away,
Not once did I pick,
I felt the gliding drops in my undergarment,
And I sighed,
So many men stopped trying to pick me up,
I turned them away with a smile,
I heard others call me princess,
And I giggled in my wet apparel,
Why was I getting all these attention,
And then it dawns on me,
Cause I see it in their eyes,
I am beautiful,
Even with my flabby arms, big wet eyes, tousled dreadlocks, gritty feet, half hearted smile,
To them I was beautiful”,
And I decided no one will ever tell me otherwise,
They kept trying,
Especially the persistent bugger,
I suddenly turn,
I look into his hybrid,
And I say to myself,
“What the heck, might as well mess up his car”,
He puts on the heater,
And places a warm blanket on my laps,
And chats away,
I really can’t hear much of what he is saying,
And then I notice he’s quiet,
I turn to him,
He says, “do you know you have a smile that can light up a whole town?”,
I reply ” I have a smile that can change a stone hearted man”,
He laughs,
I gets to my front gate,
Preparing to get down,
He grabs hold of my hand and says,
” Hello beautiful, my name is David”,
I smile at his chivalry,
And say “hi David, you already know my name”

credendo vides