Light Years Away

Under the canopy of the ever moving clouds,
Surrounded by deafening but undefied sounds,
Standing still oblivious to the passing crowd,
This is the moment I realized I should have a shroud.

I make peace with the scenery around,
I wrap myself around his heavy hands,
And bare my feet on the gritty sandy ground,
This is the moment I realized I should have to make no stand.

He tells me the story of the oldest of stars,
And makes it seem like a tale from Mars,
I wonder what its like to touch it from afar,
This is the moment I realized I should have never set up those bars.

My temples feel the brushing of his lips,
And I feel the warmth seep out of his finger tips,
It was like taking a bite, nibble or a nip,
This is the moment I realized I should take a dip.

How I wished this moment would never end,
Like a route heading straight on without a bend,
We are a pair that make a perfect blend,
This is the moment I knew that our love would never really end.

credendo vides


Missing You

Today makes it three,
Flashing lights and weeping babes,
Falling stars without graceful steps,
I miss you.

An emptiness engulfs my abode,
Vibrations fill the air,
Missing links on a rusted chain,
I miss you.

I remember that wicked grin,
I hear that name you call,
I see your fragile frame,
I miss you.

No visiting the dark areas,
No evening prattle,
No night-time chocolates or PM news,
I miss you.

My mind is fuddled with confusion,
My hands are shaking from inhibitions,
My feet are cold and weary,
I miss you.

They have all but left me,
But still your presence I feel,
Wandering the corridors at night,
I miss you.

Now I’m awake and wondering,
When will I see you again,
My mentor and my father,
I miss you so.

Crendendo Vides

credendo vides