Miles to go

I remember you and all that you were to me,
My father, my friend, my foe and my shield,
The day you left is ever so fresh,
The pain I bare is never far-fetched.

The world could not understand the way you were,
The fields would not embrace the aura that you spelt,
The walls could not hold in the midst of all that anger,
The evil that man was trembled at your fearsome power.

Its been almost four years since the night angel came for you,
Its been almost four years the world have left me cold,
Its been almost four years since slept upon my couch,
Its been almost four years since I missed your passing by.

I walked down the aisle, brother in hand,
Wishing you were there to steady my hand,
I made my vows, bible and truth in hand,
I wished you were there to left the veil off my face.

The prayers you made and the lightening you caused,
The wars you fought and the beers you drunk,
The barricade you built and the fires you spurn,
For us you did so the devil would have none.

You soared the night just to keep us safe,
You branded yourself a wizard as long as it would make us play,
You held your authority so that we might be prepared,
You raised no monuments so that we might so scale.

I have felt your presence and have known your voice,
I have hugged your wisdom and have seen your words,
I have paced the darkness and have known no fears,
For with you beside me, there shall be no tears.

The wind beneath my feet, the banner above my face,
The man with whom I fought, the man with whom I held praise,
You held me high and saw me as a man,
You saw me through my walks be it night or morning fair.

Now I sit thinking in twenty-five days it will be four years soon,
And I just wander what to do with all these tears that gather too,
Then it dawns on me, just like you would have had me do,
I will pray until my heart and soul in peace shall reign true.

credendo vides “by believing one sees”


Ode to Yetty

Midnight Angel

Rest In Peace

At meadow’s dawn, I feel a shift in the way the clouds moved,

I felt my shoulder pull back in utter ruse,

I touched my skin so pale it made me weak,

If only I had known.

The wail was a welcome, the water a blessing,

The lips all puckered will feel no udder,

The origin so painful will know no bosom-hood,

If only I had known.

I grazed the morn with unwelcome streak,

I woke from tile, dirt and grit,

I dragged my feet onto the holy grounds to see the King with eyes drawn down,

If only I had known.

The North wind blew and my low heel grew,

I found the sun was up even before I knew,

I shared the sour news and called the true blues,

If only I had known.

Then I came through and the birds flew,

I heard the news that my heart knew,

I held the rail until my nails chewed,

Oh! Aunty Yetunde if only I had known.

Plight of a Virtuous Woman of Substance

Woman, dear feeble, quiet, honest and blessed woman,
The mind is wrought with the plight of her,
She is labored and weighed down from within,
But does she cry, NO! She becomes stronger.

She toils, she feeds, she bleeds, she weeps,
Yet she mourns, she groans, she whines and she clamps,
She is deity, she is nymph, she is Delilah, she is gift,
She but bears the weight of the bereaved.

At the morn, she is at the coal, at the noon she is at the field,
At the eve, she is at the dishes, at the night she is at the slander,
At the twilight she is at his bequest, waiting for a night of rest,
This woman weary and angry so, calms her nerves and blesses us all.

She is at her knees praying for the man, she is on the phone asking for his toll,
She is at the yard holding his sole, she is at His throne defending his soul,
She is on the bed wailing in pain, she is beside herself with tears of babies bawling.

At her desk she worries for him, on the move she is weary of him,
At his request she is quiet within, at her time she is broken down within,
By her side the world kept warning, in her heart she heard is calling,
In this era there is no knowing, if she will live or die a-walking

Her heart is open knowing no folly, her mind is up shielding all stories,
She bares the scars, the seen and the hidden,
She holds her sides and watch the mockingbird sail lowly,
She lays awake in the midst of all sleeping,
She is awash with shame at no tender blessing.

She stays submissive with a smile alluding to nothing cruel but all amusing,
This is the theme of all that comes from man and groin in passion astounding,
She tends her sores without begrudging, that the man she loves is all but caring,
There is reason for that which is taunting.

This is the tale of the woman and her heart in waiting,
This is the canvas by which we have being designed,
This is our lot in things dark and fair, this is our stance for all that is unclear,
For herself she knows no glory, for her man she upholds his glory.

credendo vides “by believing one sees”

Willows Night

At the dawn of a dreary night,
Comes my heart with the bellow might,
The madness comes and then away,
The tempo dies and I’m awake.

I seat the dark and delay the light,
I bless the child on this starry night,
We are bound by laws within our clan,
We are pained by the gong we again have clanged.

The man is deep and not a mirror fit,
There will be no voicing or outward speech,
To thy self be true and to man be calm,
Lest it is said you have broken the vows.

So this is what the mailman sends,
The raging truth and the bitter lies,
The lonely walk and the sheltered heart,
The lasting end of a shorten beginning.

credendo vides “by believing one sees”

The Definition

This is a mark of sins undone,
This is a test of pleasures unknown,
This is a shard of pain to come,
This is a might that was never foretold.

There is window at yonder bay,
There is a fountain upon west gate,
There is a river beneath man’s feet,
There is a ceasing of one’s pale teeth.

The burden is mine and mine alone,
The deed is done and not to groan,
The price is paid and will not be loaned,
The house is mine says the keeper-man.

I have a story yet untold,
I live a mystery to each is own,
I dine and dance amidst sore bones,
I live to see my future throne.

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This is a very bad day to have being hit with such an epiphany, i am in a whirlpool of pain and internal sufferings right now, how to cope, what to do, what is going wrong, how is it any different, what can be done.

so many questions falling on deaf ears and silent lips, i think i have just reached my limit. exploding will not do me any good, focus might be a better alternative, i have to remember i am not alone in this world or am i?

Midnight Musings

Upon my lofty bed of concrete I lay,
Starring back at the darkness above my head,
Admonishing the slightly blowing breeze,
Spying the half drawn willow drapes.

I feel the pain to the roots of my dreads,
The tears slightly thugging at the corners of my eye,
The smile slowly fading from my mind,
And Yanni’s nightingale playing me to peace.

The reminders of what could have been,
Tales of how it would have felt,
Disappointment at the thought of it,
Freedom from a future unkown.

Those drizzles upon the flat sheet,
Are the answers to my bellowing soul,
The pair far gone from one another,
A silence that never brought calm.

Times past and age creeps,
The unwelcome visitor to a heart set on adventure,
So little time and not even there yet,
I sigh, twist and fret, but tarry I will.

When they are forth and the sky is lit,
The smiles returned and the wind bleats,
I will once more dance and soar,
After which all would have been said and done.

credendo vides

A Day After Sallah

The situation just gets better and better. I mean after two long/ short days of lounging on the souls of dear rams (sallah), basking in the sun and drinking all sorts of toxins, one would think that upon resumption to the office, we would have to take off from where we stopped and get to down to the reason why we are being paid (work). Unfortunately, you see that is not the case here.

It is considerably hard that I have not being paid and have being coming to work for the past two and a half months, burning fuel, embracing traffic and struggling with insomniac, I’ll like to think all these for now are a bit excusable, considering the fact that a night before I had a wrestling match that left my right shoulder ball socket hurting, my beau walking out on me and generator consuming my fuel. So I’m out of the house by 4.45am, driving with my left arm, and pondering on how my brother manages to always consume my fuel…

All that aside, the painful part now is that I get to the office, glad at least that I get to wrap up on a few deliverables only to find out that the diesel in the generator is going to last for just two hours, PHCN has being faulty for the past three weeks and it was not deemed fit by the administration to either find an alternative means or better still tell staff to work from home. So… I have burnt the little fuel I have, managed to drive with one arm, being cheated of sleep, didn’t have a chance to paste my todo list on the fridge and here I am, can’t charge my phone, no water, no internet, sweating like a pig without a thought to if there will be any work done today.

Anyways what did I expect, I live in a disorganised country, with disorganised leaders, establishing disorganised states for disorganised people, developing disorganised policies for running disorganised corporate entities and I’m expecting a miracle *eyes rolling* NOT! This is just as it should be, if they had gotten things right, I would have being sure the world would be raptured today…

credendo vides

Breaking Free

I’m outside my compound, sitting under the shade of a willow tree, barely wearing anything to shelter me from the cold windy night, while I wait…

I spare a moment to look up at the passing plane while I listen to a soundtrack from HSM and my eyes fill with tears and I wished I was in the clouds with my arms spread wide open and my heart singing with gladness. Sometimes I wish I could just wake up in the morning to see that I have sprouted wings and I really don’t have anywhere in mind to go except to soar in the sky like an eagle would while I ride the wind and let all my burdens be lifted.

I envy the birds of the sky, who don’t have to worry about school, or what they will eat next or what hair style to make next or never understand what its like to feel hurt, but yet they understand duty and obligation to their kind without too much emotion. I wish I could break free from this steel cage and do what it is that my heart longs to do without question as to its benefits or impact. I have tried but my free spirit has refused to be broken.

I have dreamed of walking the edge of the scottish mountains while I put my pen to paper and my brush to easel and watch the sun set as I lay upon the fields of green, while the sea cascades against the walls of the mountain making earthly music, with my shroud about me. You see all that I’m after is a life full of laughter, one of sheer abandon where I don’t have to erect any walls or pretend to be something I’m not. I just want to be me. The world though, doesn’t see things from that perspective, they have your role spelled out and anything outside of that is not welcome. My constant and only companion are my words (written and unwritten),

credendo vides

Sitting There

Upon this dark hour sits a maid in cold shower,
Tripple blind to the forces behind man’s power,
While life fades out like an aging tower,
Leaving behind a blooming flower.

The night flies sing, as the star light blinks,
And we hear the sound of battering wings,
The midnight guardian of the nightly kings,
Soaring above the minor beings.

The shadow creeps and extends its form,
Creating a cover to hide earth’s worms,
Chasing light back to its home,
Biding us to think that we are alone.

Upon my wet and lustrous hair,
Lies a crown of great despair,
Breeding pain without a care,
For now I know we’re lost and in need of repair.

But though you reign, you so dark and rare,
You will soon become what’s bright and fair,
Then you’ll see you are half of a pair,
And know you were created to bring in no fear.

credendo vides

Smiling Lies

The moment I stared into your eyes,
I saw those damn little lies,
The moment I felt your sweaty palms,
I felt those crawling little lies.

The instant you walked in,
I heard those little lies,
The minute you smiled,
I glimpsed the cascading phony lies,

Anytime your call came through,
I read the tiny spooky lies,
Anytime you opened your mouth,
I spied does creepy looking lies.

Its past midnight and dawn approaches,
Still you do not awake from those lies,
The ground is tilled, and the prayers said,
And Its obvious you’ve departed with those blessed lies.

credendo vides

August 15th

A dream, a vision, an illusion or a prayer,
Cast before me a dice in layers,
I believe I am no longer a slayer.

My mind warms to the idea of such an entrapment,
The cold metal becomes such an enchantment,
Spliting my skin into slits and fragments.

I blink, I stare, I quiver and it is still there,
Silently speaking like a hazel deer,
Feeding my senses on mug-dirty beer.

My tongue stays tied and knees stay wobbly,
Like a structure that is all but comfy,
I am blank and my mind remains fuzzy,

So this is his moment of truth,
One he already knew would bare fruit,
Yet he played it with a piper’s flute.

I will hold on to the joy of knowing he evolved,
And engaged me, to let the fear and doubt dissolve,
For I say to you, this is my resolve!

credendo vides


On those supple walls did the unholy waters fall,
While my foundation became a sinking ground,
This is what it is like to feel like one is fading in and out.

Though deep within the earth’s core,
It trembled only to assure itself that the end is not yet here,
But how am I to survive this sudden crack of emotion.

My hands grope in the dark searching for that solid promise,
Right now I would rather not have the true midas touch,
I would rather have what is mine be warm, than be turned to gold without feeling.

So here I seat alone in a dark once populated space,
Praying and hoping that my brief but sane state will soon return,
So we can be together once again, which is right where we belong.

credendo vides

Light Years Away

Under the canopy of the ever moving clouds,
Surrounded by deafening but undefied sounds,
Standing still oblivious to the passing crowd,
This is the moment I realized I should have a shroud.

I make peace with the scenery around,
I wrap myself around his heavy hands,
And bare my feet on the gritty sandy ground,
This is the moment I realized I should have to make no stand.

He tells me the story of the oldest of stars,
And makes it seem like a tale from Mars,
I wonder what its like to touch it from afar,
This is the moment I realized I should have never set up those bars.

My temples feel the brushing of his lips,
And I feel the warmth seep out of his finger tips,
It was like taking a bite, nibble or a nip,
This is the moment I realized I should take a dip.

How I wished this moment would never end,
Like a route heading straight on without a bend,
We are a pair that make a perfect blend,
This is the moment I knew that our love would never really end.

credendo vides


There was a creature of old,
Criticised till he formed a mold,
All he had with him was a wrapped fold,
What was in it was the pages of the bible unsoiled.

We do not know a man,
Until we blow his inner flames with a bellow fan,
One who was born into a master plan,
Whom the Lord delivered into his own clan.

He was not born a monster,
He was created a monster,
Yet the mob try to lynch his star,
The one established by the foster.

He hides behind his horrid past,
But all that’s inside is a child not growing fast,
Yet one whom everyone views with a gasp,
A monster which at yet to sting as a wasp.

Who ever heard of a monster so spiritual,
Yet he seems so physical,
All he wanted was for people to do the logical,
Which was to let him be eternally.

But I came along,
Like a spider with various throngs,
Prodding until I left him sprung,
Even though he could have got me hung.

The exterior monster everyone saw was blind to me,
All I saw was the clamoring child within,
The one that craved a mother’s touch with ease,
The child that would not let go of the past murder case.

I was drawn to this monster who was no animal,
I had made my decision and it was final,
I am madly in love with this chameleon,
And will implore you all never to judge a book by its spinal cover.

credendo vides


I hear the drumming of your heart,
Steady as a beating cymbal,
Pulsating within your hollowed frame.

Do my ears deceive me,
Do my fingers placate me,
Or is the beat getting faster?

For fear that I might be mistaken,
I place my thimble fingers below your bosom,
What I feel is the steady flow of rivers meeting.

I look into your eyes and watch them smile,
I feel the beat make them dance,
I am not a stranger in this beating land.

The warmth beneath my hands fill my heart,
And I begin to move to your beating heart,
I have being arrested my its melodious sound.

I did trade the wind, the air and the sea,
I did reach the heavens to bring the halos in,
Just so I can feel that beating pulse within.

credendo vides

Jesus I Thank You!

My heart flutters, beating fast to a rhythm unknown,
I feel the tension begin to build,
Once again I feel the blood rush through my veins,
Thought I dead, now I have being reborn.

You found me when no one else was looking,
You regarded me when those who should didn’t,
You grace me with your presence to the shame of all others,
You fight for me and I find all my fear is gone.

I have being blessed this very era,
I have felt your breasts and you granted me suckle,
I have touched your face and find you to be no dream,
You are my life now and my ever beating heart.

This is a rare gift, one I solemnly swear to keep forever,
If I deserve it or not, that is another matter,
But for this one chance of happiness I am willing to live,
To defy all odds and all raging storms.

I thought you had deserted me and left me in the arid arena,
Now I find your favor upon me, one that is too much for me to hold,
You have crowned my tears with joy,
You have given me his beautiful heart that bears your beautiful mark.

credendo vides


Playing your hand is not nice,
Future plans eaten by mice,
All in the roll of one dice.

Scour the fields of grain and rice,
Smell the wift of the devils spice,
I but feel the crawl of disarranged lice.

I thought this was to be my demise,
Until he came and asked no price,
I was to be free from those evil lies.

Therein lies my happiness and life,
The one thing that completes my size,
I will cherish you against his wiles.

Such a sweet combination of actions and truce,
Hands that engulf mine in sizes,
For now I am undone by his vices.

credendo vides


This is a declaration of love,
This is no shadow in the cove,
I have been blessed from up above.

There is a fountain of youth,
This spring has not left me mute,
Instead it has blown me like a flute.

I love the way you love me,
I delight in the way you have set me free,
I so thank thee that you are no dream.

I am bound to you by forces unknown,
I bleed for you because of faces you know,
I try not to stay hidden in the shofar below.

You idolize me and that’s fearful indeed,
Least we bring the wrath in his seed,
You are my passion and in that believe.

All so fair of heart and skin,
Bind me to your fruitful kin.
For I will not stop until we are seen

credendo vides

The BEST I Ever HAD!

The sounds of the pouring rain,
The demands of the alternative human,
The clamor for refreshments,
The ecstasy in their eyes.

As time drew nearer the feeling grew stronger,
As the suggestions came pouring out, only then did it make sense,
All hopes fluttered, saddness creeping in,
Suddenly I felt abandoned.

My bags were packed and I was ready to go,
Her bags were packed she wasn’t ready to go,
His mobile was packed and ready to go,
She was out and ready to prance.

Amidst the rains, the flood, the cursing there was laughter,
Amidst the difference in dialect there was a consensus,
Amidst the darkness there was rejoicing,
Amidst the lateness there was safe arrival.

Words cannot describe my delight and the warmth I felt,
The meal abandoned as my ears were atuned to my abode,
I was able to reach out and swallow that pain,
Though it be lodged in my chest.

What a pure and unadulterated soul,
What a shame that we never take a deeper look,
What a pity that I was never there,
What a hoax this life is that portrays emphathy.

Angelic windows were what my eyes were called,
What was inside of me to have given out that courage he sought,
Despite my obvious shyness and pain,
I have given another Being joy and fulfilment.

I held those beautiful hands of his,
Contact always did bring one home,
Lost in dark memories created by our own kin,
Dare I say that I have lost a part of me to him.

I am no god, yet he showers me with praise,
I am no god, yet he claims I’ve healed him,
I am no god, yet he claims I’m an angel,
I am no god, yet he bares his soul out to me.

There is a storm stirring within my soul,
An angel passes by and the words come out,
He is as a babe in the hands of his mother,
God give me the strength to be enough for him.

The speed heighten due to those feelings of freedom,
The pain all but gone due to the warm embrace given,
The pains increased due to what I cannot explain,
The smiles increased due to the fact that this was the longest and most beautiful night of my life.

credendo vides

Pure and Unadulterated

A mystery rolls out in phases, inching towards a clear suspense that neither cares to admit.

So I’ll tell that tale of a light so pure yet so hard it cuts through like a knife.

Take a stand all angels,
Consider now the absent ones,
Blow the trumpets, blow the horns,
A part of you has gone amiss.

The streets be searched high and low,
The harps be sang from morn till eve,
Heavenly tears be dropped from the skies above,
I bet it you will not find him nigh.

Hearken now to the voice of the one that calls,
For he hears the golden taps of sandaled feet,
Follow that haloed glow that surrounds that passing being,
For his achilles heel lies with me.

He has come to my humble abode of shame,
He desires to see the world through my eyes,
I put a stop to my chaotic movements,
For i have caught the eye of an angel.

He strips me bare of my cloaked saddness,
As I thug at his tender heart strings,
I have invited him to my volcanic core,
And he stretches out his bleeding palms.

He studies me with eyes filled with unspeakable tenderness,
I think I have robbed this angel of his Heavenly duties,
For he resides now by my side,
While the Heavens cry out for their most valiant soldier.

His smile is like the warm kissing graze of the sun,
His hands a chiseled work of God,
His aura over shadows mine in depth,
Had I thought I was shy…. I just met my match.

I try to take his hands and he shieds away,
He tries to express himself but I overwhelm him,
I try to prod him with all my wiles, he rises above it,
He tries to touch me, but I skid away.

“What is this we have done” cries her voice,
I have brought down something precious from above,
How had I drawn this undeserved attention from above,
How have I managed to steal his heart without a thought to it.

“It can’t be helped”, says the familiar timbre voice,
I was lured by things beyond your own understanding,
You are everything special and beautiful to me,
For you I did remain human forever.

I smile, he smiles,
I laugh, he laughs,
I get into a frenzy, he gets into a frenzy,
I display my shyness, he displays his too.

There is a final thought to this tale,
It might never budge from this very scene,
It might not have an happy ending,
But she definitely made a human out of her angel to keep now and forever more!

credendo vides


There is a sound, a thumping sound,
There is a bridge, a colossus bridge,
There is a fire, a burning fire,
There is a desire, a flaming desire,
There is a field, an open field,
There is a dream, and unfilled dream,
There is a past, a demeaning past,
There is a shine, a dulling shine,
There is a mess, a tidy mess,
There is a passion, an unwanted passion,
There is scene, an ugly scene,
There is an understanding, a lost understanding,
There is a change, an unprecedented change,
There is a fly, a pesky little fly,
There is a betrayal, an unnecessary betrayal,
There is a scheme, an unfolding scheme,
There is smell, a foul stinky smell,
There is a ruse, a very clear ruse,
There is a decision, a not so clear decision,
There is a pause that will draw a full stop.

credendo vides


I heard the knock at my door,
With footsteps on the floor,
I fled with might across the moor,
To try and stop the sounding roar.

I peeped on out to the darkest flaw,
I guess I was shocked at what I saw,
I tried to be calm for this boy,
For I saw no reason to be bored.

Reek he did from above,
Slurring out the words of a dove,
I need not banter at his move,
He was clearly high and with his grove.

My heart was bitter and in distress,
Feeling like a dope of a mistress,
I wish he did not come with regrets,
Instead gone to lay on his mattress.

A kiss for my lips was turned to a kiss on my cheek,
I would not be treated like the nymphs of the Greek,
I would prefer to be discreet In my manner of secret,
So I won’t be found inside the creek.

I bid him on his liquored retreat,
For alas! He is beyond my defeat,
Tomorrow will come with its receipt,
And I’ll be here with no deceit.

credendo vides

Crying Woman

Crying womanCan you hear that sound?
Shrieking like an injured hound,
Mocking the woman who finds herself bound,
This is why she will never be found.

They stare and weep in awe of her,
She is crazed and rambles in words that blur,
Misery a friend that wraps around her like a fur,
She will know no happiness even when her death occurs

The company she seeks can never exist,
The man she wants will never persist,
She is alone in this sea of mist,
Never to unlock his hard handled fist.

She will go insane and drift away,
They will feel her pain and go a different way,
She will bear her cross and go astray,
This is a loss that will make them pray.

Can you not hear that?
A sound so deep it makes the air weep,
She is at a crossroad beyond willows creek,
Crying her eyes out for death’s sweet kiss.

Confused Woman

confused womanThe night is here and in minutes his fingers find my areola,
And the shivers run through me like a diseased person with Ebola,
While my teeth clamp together despite my hurting molar.

With tender hands and nimble fingers he touches all points that raise my passion,
My moans fill the air in a stately fashion,
While my body relaxes into blissful leisure.

The morning arouses my senses and my eyes fall on his cold stare,
One would think I have stepped into a lion’s lair,
I tread carefully around his shell to ensure that I ignite no flares.

He barely looks at me as he responds to my query in disgust,
And of cause I realise that all is lost,
It makes me ponder upon his mistrust.

I love that man who is my midnight lover,
I hate that man who is my morning blunder,
It is worse still that they are but one man acting in two weird manners.

dido 4 eva

Happy Woman


She is the one whose hazel coloured eyes lights up a dull gathering,
She is the one who proudly flaunts are not so galant wedding ring,
She is the one who sees everything in red but yet calls it green.


She is the one who frolics to music while driving in traffic,
She is the one while everyone is whinning holds a smile that is so graphic,
She is the one who makes every little trivial moment feel like magic.


She is the one who despite all the anguish still tends to make you laugh,
She is the one who provides you with little rather than make you starve,
She is the one who with humble beginnings treats you with class.


She is the one who twirls to nothing and it becomes music that makes you dance,
She is the one who amidst all chaos will risk everything to give you a chance,
She is the one who is married to a strange and bitter man but yet adores him like she were in a trance.


dido 4 eva

happy woman

Lonely Woman

lonely womanNow I bear a sickly face,
And in his arms have I found no grace,
He leaves me every morning in a sadden daze,
And I finally accept my lonely place.

He treats me with disdain even in my weaken state,
And I truly wonder if indeed he is my blessed mate,
He chides and mocks me not knowing my future fate,
Not minding that this sickness might make me late.

I am looked upon with sadness and pity,
Whisperings of a woman treated like an abandoned kitty,
Yet I am but a woman, a wife, a mother who needs only to be smitten,
But all he does is leave me bitten.

This sickness will not be my end,
This sickness will not make me bend,
He will see me someday has a friend,
That he needs always treat like a fern.

dido 4 eva

Foolish Woman

foolish womanIt’s easy when it’s not your life,
It’s different when you find yourself with love and strife,
Waking up every morning to a man who loves you not,
And yet he always leaves you in a draught.

Early tales of love so sweet,
Promises that now seem so bleak,
He hardly holds you while you sleep,
And barely touches you while praying and his fingers slip.

To have and to hold, for rich or for poor,
Those vows said for those that go to war,
Now hunts her soul and makes her mourn,
For the love that’s gone and so forlorn.

No friend or foe to smile or cry with,
No bird or tree to share a little wit,
Except the child she bore in blood,
Can she share her falling flood.

She cowers in corners afraid and lost,
When she should have being basking in love,
In her pain and joy she stands alone,
And visits no grudge upon his home.

For him she has shed some blood not once,
The first in form of a child, the second was a waste of chance,
A life of misery that knows all sorrows,
A story unending that will have more tomorrows.

He who has an ear, they say let him hear,
And she who cannot hear, let her to the sea be bare,
For it be better to drown in fear,
Than to live one’s life in love so unfair.

dido 4 eva

Fiery Woman

fiery womanShe wields his heart within hers,
Bending it to her desire and will,
forging a cage to hold him in,
Striving to be lord over his land.

Upon the shards of glass that beds the floor,
She tosses him down and he screams abroad,
What a shame he proves so weak,
That a sheet of glass makes him bleed.

She whispers smoothing words,
Touching his sore and tender spots,
Pouring kisses upon his fevered brow,
And with ease pierced his waiting heart.

dido 4 eva